Sirio and the Tetra-ramblers

Una piccola presentazione in inglese dei Tetrabondi.

Sirio was born in Rome on August 15, 2013, a healthy but extremely premature boy.He was so strong that the intensive care unit of the Ospedale Bambino Gesù hospital in Rome decided to discharge him one month before his estimated due birth date, and after just 8 days his parents found him literally dead in his bed. A desperate race started, which lasted many months and saw him go through resuscitation, hypothermia, tracheostomy and much more: 10 months of intensive care and rehabilitation.A nasty diagnosis declared him in “vegetative state”, stuck to a machine able only to keep him alive, for the rest of his life, Slowly, the diagnosis changed to “spastic tetraplegia from hypoxic ischemic damage”: which in a newly born may mean many different things and have very different implications.Today, thanks to tireless work and his great willpower, at the age of five, Sirio has started to walk and can communicate using an Ipad, he goes to school like any other little boy and explores the world.This page was created with the purpose of sharing Sirio’s progress with those who, like us, get sentenced to life imprisonment, to a hopeless path, and then manage to be free!Sirio has a wonderful big brother, Nilo, who wanted more than anyone else to tell others about our life, a crooked one, but still focused on happiness.

La storia del piccolo Sirio, in un montaggio del Caters Media Group dell’aprile 2019